Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Overwhelmed by Awesomeness

This is no ordinary omelet. This is an accomplishment. This particular omelet was made by my almost 13 year old buddy Gabe, and it is part of the reason I did not have a blog post yesterday, in spite of my intention to blog everyday for at least a month. You see, I was overwhelmed by awesomeness.

Yesterday was one of those days that pass like a whirlwind and suddenly it's 10:00PM and you realize you never even managed to change out of your pjs. What? You don't have those days? Liar.

This is the first week of summer vacation in my 'hood and the house was filled to the brim with kids. We had cooking lessons (see photo above) and went swimming and smashed rocks with hammers to see what was inside. Kids showed me stories they've been working on and drawings they've done and discussed what might be the best way to combat zombies or demons. One kid even showed me the progress he's made in his online flight certifcation classes. Yes. Real flight certification. Like for airplanes. The kid is 13 and he'll be able to fly a plane before he can drive a car.

They "borrowed" a pocketknife* and built lean-tos in the woods. We hatched plans to make sand candles and a boat and a go-cart and a slingshot for water balloons and go hunting for fossils at a park near the river. We started a book club. Forts were made of blankets on the patio and the last of James' birthday cupcakes were consumed. They talked about how they will one day be pilots and authors and stand up comedians and build castles entirely out of sticks. Summer has arrived like a hurricane. I have no idea how I am going to manage this level of awesome day in and day out for three months and still manage to clean my house and buy groceries, but it's a challenge I am happy to face.

*Yes, we did have a bit of a discussion about that one and resolved that adults will be consulted on the use of knives and a refresher course on safety instructions will be given.

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  1. a beautiful description! What a great summer you will have. House cleaning is overrated.