Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

I have decided, after enjoying Leila's Pretty, Happy, Funny and Real Link-up party on Like Mother, Like Daughter for a while, that it's time to start participating.


Zach took me to a Knight's of Columbus Valentine's Day dinner on Tuesday and they let the ladies take the flowers from the table. James likes to bring them to me. "I picked you a flower mommy. You should wear it in your hair because you are so beautiful!" He's a charmer, that one. Except when he's not. He is three afterall.

Speaking of the Jamie-Monster, this is my Valentine's Day present from him. It's a house for my dinosaurs. Isn't that thoughtful? Since I don't actually have dinosaurs, he lent me some of his. Even a few of the dead ones. Heart of gold, I tell you.


I let Captain Mayhem and Admiral Chaos play with some shaving foam and glow sticks in the bath. I was not entirely prepared for what followed. Why I didn't see this coming? I have no idea. Still, if this kind of madness is going to happen, the bathtub is the best place for it. 10 minutes later, the boys and the tub were clean and all was right with the world.


Lent is upon us and I made it through Ash Wednesday. We read the gospel reading in the morning, the one about not looking dismal while you fast. I tried to do that and failed. In the Win column, we made this crown of thorns after learning about the idea from my friend Molly. Everytime one of us makes a sacrifice, we remove a thorn from the crown. I was mightily pleased at the number of thorns the kids removed. It made for a nice day. I'd ask someone to do something and, when you could see they were tempted to say, "not me!" one of them would step up to the plate and do the task without griping, quietly pulling a thorn from the crown. This is what I love about Lent. As hard as the sacrifices can be, when we really step up our game and make a run at virtue, the fruits abound.


  1. Your post has me cracking up and I'm absolutely giving my kids glow sticks and shaving cream in the bath tonight. All I kept thinking while reading and laughing was 'hey, I bet that cleans the tub too'.
    Every mother needs a home for those dinosaurs, your little one is just too thoughtful.
    Great post, have a lovely Valentine's Day!