Monday, July 13, 2009

Frugal Deck Redo

My poor deck has been badly neglected this year. It's always been my favourite "room" in the house, but we have been busy with the baby this year and didn't have much time or money to devote to it. Thanks to mom, we got it whipped into shape this weekend for under $50.

I got this table off of craigslist a year ago with the intention of fixing it up and painting it, but it hadn't happened yet. A $10 can of outdoor paint and some clearance rack outdoor cushions later...

I am totally in love with it.

I found this adorable little cake stand of a table at a garage sale this summer for $5. The schoolbus yellow didn't really go with my stuff, so we used the extra paint from the table and voila....

Finally, my mom bought me a bunch of herbs to fill the two weed ridden pots that sit next to my favourite, ugly old lounge chair.

There are still a few things I'd like to get, like a coffee table for the sitting area and a nicer lounge chair, but overall things are looking much, much better and all for about $35.


  1. Beautiful! It amazes me what some paint and a little elbow grease can do. The furniture looks completely different! I'm loving those chair cushions too.

  2. What a darling spot to relax! Well done!

  3. Thanks! I've been out there every day now that it's done. I just love it!

  4. I love the big table! Ok... I love the cake stand table, too!

    You have inspired me to try to fix up our patio. Luckily (??) it is still too hot here top really spend much time out there, so I still have time.