Thursday, October 28, 2010


Beauty is a need, not a luxury. It took me a really long time to realize that and I'm not sure why. I think it's because like most modern day city dwellers, when I thought about "beauty" I associated it with something that could be purchased and owned. A beautiful dress or beautiful things for my house, even a bouquet of flowers from the Farmer's Market. When money is tight (which it perpetually is) it's hard for my practical side to justify purchases that don't have immediate and concrete value.
The problem is that when I am starved of beauty, I am starved in spirit. I get listless, restless and a little depressed. Then I rebel, and usually that involves thoughtless spending that doesn't actually make the problem any better. A cup of coffee while I'm out running errands or a dinner out because I'm cranky and don't want to cook. I'm impatient and occasionally, unkind.
The reason I have associated beauty with purchase and posession, I think, is a longing for permance, a reminder that my soul is made for an eternity this world just doesn't offer. Beauty is a source of hope, comfort and inspiration as I tread on the sometimes difficult journey towards home. It's a gift from God to sustain me on the path, and it doesn't come with a price tag if I am willing to accept it as it comes, in nature, in a gift from a friend or a in a new point of view. Seeking it and recognizing it instead of forcing it. Trusting that tomorrow will bring a different sort of beauty and new experiences that bring me ever closer to home.


  1. Your meditations are beautiful--and I totally agree. We need beauty--God knew this, that's why he gave us nature!

  2. You are so right about this. It is amazing how soothing beauty in nature is. It is a need, and it is crucial!

  3. Beauty is so necessary. God made our world so beautiful and we need to take the time to look and drink it in.

  4. Beautiful post. This is my favorite line:

    "The problem is that when I am starved of beauty, I am starved in spirit."

    What a true sentiment.

    I feel so similar. Sometimes it is beauty in the world around me and other times it is beauty that I want to see in other people's spirits when it is hard to find. I am lucky I have people to turn where rarely are beauty of either kind hard to find... but it is like a lifeline to have that for me. Very very important.

    Anyhow. I followed a link for a post I did on my blog, to a wonderful website I hadn't heard of before (, to you. And I am SO glad I did. Many blessings, and beauty to you this evening.

    Val (Owner of

  5. Little did I know, I have been a member of that website (simpleliving) since 2004! Goodness! How my life has changed. My username is BlueRoseMama, and I look forward to learning more about you and being inspired by you again. :)