Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Griffith Family Christmas List 2014

The first Christmas gift of the season has been purchased. This beauty will soon be the property of our own intrepid girl reporter, Isabella. It's even her favourite colour. This is the same girl who, for her last birthday, wanted a skateboard and a walkman. Not an iPod. A walkman. We breed hipsters in Nordeast without even trying. 

I was pleased that this years selections have been, thus far, much more attainable than last years, which consisted of a live orphan (Cheyenne), a dead dinosaur (James) and drink coasters (Bella). The drink coasters, at least, were both actually possible to purchase and reasonably priced. 

Without further ado. This year's list. 

A typewriter (See above)
A wheel of Gouda
A hammock
A hammock chair
A nightlight
Star Wars Cookies
A lightsaber
A coat with a built-in heater
Hair and nail stuff
Crochet hooks
A fencing mask
A hedgehog
And a shark 

The last two may or may not have been me. 

Some of that is going to happen, people. It really is. 

1 comment:

  1. I bought a hammock off of Lands End 12 years ago and still use it every summer. Excellent quality. Just FYI.
    Your list is hipster rich between the typewriter and the hedgehog.