Friday, September 4, 2009

Super Frugal September Week 1

I have spent most of my alloted non-food $100 already, but it was mostly on the things I knew I would have to pay for. So far this month we've bought/paid for

-A tank of gas $37
-Toiletries (diapers, toilet paper, etc) $28
-My birth certificate $25
-A cup of coffee out with a friend $1.75
-A redbox DVD $1

That's a total of $92.75. Luckily the only other thing I know we'll need to pay for this month is $6 to Cheyenne's school for headphones. We may also need laundry detergent, which would put us a few dollars over $100, but not so much I'd feel uncomfortable about it.

We've kept busy this week with lots of frugal projects.

We brought apples to the food shelf.

We made chicken pot pie and apple pies from scratch.

We worked on some embroidery. This is Isabella's handiwork.

And of course, we fell back on an old frugal mom staple, homemade playdough. Mermaid blue and lavender, of course.

Just for fun if anyone is reading this and doesn't have a recipe for homemade playdough, I've been happy with this one.
1/2 c salt
1 c flour
1 T cream of tartar
1T oil
1 c water
food colouring (optional)
Cook over medium heat until it reaches the consistancy you want it, then cool. Easy. Child's play, really. Sorry, I couldn't resist.