Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I've Been Up To

My posts on this blog have been a little scarce lately because of a big cleaning and organizing project I've undertaken and I'm so excited to share the results! Tonight. Before my kids and the two kids I'm babysitting tomorrow undo it all.

When my dad moved out of this house he took a suitcase of clothes, his laptop and a few kitchen implements and that was it. We moved our stuff in on top decades of what I like to call "ancestral clutter." A lot of this was good stuff; lovely antiques that belonged to great-great-great grandparents, old photos, good dishes and things of that nature. A lot of it was junk. It's taken me nearly two years of sorting the wheat form the chaff, but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are just a few corners of the house that are now in good shape. This house is six levels, and these pictures represent 90% of the two main living levels.

The Kitchen:

The front hall closet

The kitchen level bathroom

The Dining Room:

Craft stuff, school stuff, playdough, legos and tinker toys

I use my Grandma's punch bowl for fruit

The hutch, which serves as my craft cabinet

The Living Room:

The view from my favourite chair


  1. Wow, I feel amazingly productive just looking at the photos of all your hard work! Way to go! You have been busy, indeed.

  2. Looks great! I might just have to get off my behind and get some things done around here. :o)

  3. So cozy and welcoming. Everything looks clean, fresh and comforting. You have truly blessed your family.

  4. Your house is so lovely! I think you've mixed old and new nicely. And the green in your bathroom is the same color I painted my laundry room this spring!

  5. Thanks guys! It's been a ton of work. We've cleared out two dunpster loads and probably over 100 Explorer loads of stuff from this house. It's been quite the undertaking.

  6. 2 dumpsters...That IS a lot of work. You must be so proud of how it is turning out!

  7. Excellent for a Mom with 3 kids.

  8. Thanks everyone! I am so happy to be nearing the end of this task!