Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Sewing

When it comes to birthday presents my husband and I can be pretty unromantic. Neither of us really understands the ins and outs of each others hobbies, so we often just buy our own birthday presents. As nice a gesture as it would be for him to go to Crafty Planet, buy something and wrap it, it's actually more fun for me to do it myself. So that's what I did and I spent the weekend in sewing bliss.
I decided it was time to make myself some cloth napkins. I just love these two fabrics. They are so kitchy and cute. The napkin pattern came from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing. It's essentially just a hemmed rectangle of fabric. I have seen other patterns that are double sided, but I decided this was just as cute and much easier. Really, they're a utilitarian object. They don't have to be complicated. The bowl covers are just a circle of fabric with an elastic band.
I have enough fabric to make napkins and a bowl cover for my mom for Christmas too. I think these could be cute in a gift basket also. Maybe a breakfast basket with fresh hot muffins or caramel rolls and whipped butter. Wouldn't that be a lovely treat some chilly winter morning?


  1. Those are so cute--and CLEVER! I'd adore getting a gift like that.

  2. Thanks Green Girl! I think my mo will like them too.

  3. I have Bent The Rules too!

    I like the gift basket idea and bowl cover. That is one I haven't seen before. Sometimes I think sewing/knitting/crochet books have some simply pointless projects in them just to fill the pages! Those are both winners and reminded me that I had been planning on making those napkins for a while!

  4. Yeah I saw the bowl covers somewhere in blogland and thought they were a cute idea.

    I totally agree about the sewing books. Some of the things are practical and others seem.....not so much. I thought Bend the Rules had some practical ones.