Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For Aunt Fran

This post is entirely for the benefit of Zach's Aunt Fran, who I just e-mailed the link to my blog. I knew I had been bad last year about correspondence, but apparently I've been worse than I thought. It turns out we had neglected to inform Fran of the birth of the newest Griffith baby! Really. What kind of niece does that?

Anyway, I promised that the blog would be chock full of pictures of my kids and then realized that, since school started, I haven't posted many pictures of them. I'd post more of James, but I'm not kidding, he never sits still and they're almost all a blur.

So here you go, Aunt Fran. Can you even believe how big they've gotten.


  1. I'm sorry, I know this post is for Aunt Fran, but I just had to leave a comment about how cute your girls are! They are positively adorable, and they are growing so fast!

  2. Thanks Valerie! I don't mind if other people comment on the thread, I just wanted everyone to know why I was posting random pictures of my kids.

    They really are growing fast. Crazy fast.

  3. Aunt Fran's a lucky woman to have cute kids like that to cuddle!