Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things I'm Thankful For

-Funny little girls
-Smiley baby boys
-My thoughtful, hardworking husband
-My kooky but very interesting father
-My kooky, but very interesting mother, sister, grandparents and other family
-My kooky but very interesting friends
-Sunny, warm days in November, when by all rights it should be cold and snowy
-A hot cup of coffee, an organic pumpkin ginger muffin and some theraputic knitting
-42,000 words on my novel
-New friends
-The return of my cat shadow who was missing for 6 weeks
-Fabulous neighbors
-Christmas shopping that is wrapped up before Black Friday
-Naps, and the husband that makes them possible
-Parents who understand that we don't need a million blinky light toys and thoughtfully purchased Rosetta Stone Latin software and personalized bookplate stamps for the kids instead
-Two incredibly good parent teacher conferences
-Candy cane hunts, snowman building contests, kicksledding by the full moon, organic food dinners and candlelight walks in the woods all within walking distance of my house
Life is good.

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