Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bear Surgery and a flower pretty

"Mom can fix it!" I hear these words almost once a day. Sometimes, in the case of the flower pot that fell over on the deck and shattered, their faith in me is sadly misplaced. Sometimes, though I manage to come through.

Shiloh, Cheyenne's Build-a-Bear is a well-loved friend, an excellent tea party guest and a wonderful shoulder to cry on in times of stress. Unfortunately all of that love and affection has taken it's toll on poor Shiloh and she had begun to come apart at the seams. She was brought to Dr. Mom for examination and it was determined that the only thing for it was to operate.

Shiloh was a model patient, never once complaining while her mommy waited patiently for me to finish.

The surgery was a complete success, and for because Shiloh was such a good girl I decided to give her a little Get Well Soon present.

I've been making these cute, simple little decorative flowers from scrap fabric a lot lately for pinning on headbands or purses or sweaters. Using a safety pin it attached nicely to Shiloh's ear.

I think she looks fetching, don't you?

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