Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coffee Cozies

My mom is coming today and instead of vacuuming and mopping, like I should be doing, I knitted myself this coffee cozy. Of course, once I had one, everyone else in the family wanted one too. I decided that, while no one but me drinks coffee on a regular basis, these cozies would serve the purpose of distinguishing one person's drinking glass from another's. That is something of a problem in this family, as we like to keep the same drinking glass all day long. They were quick to make and I used second hand scrap yarn and some scraps of muslin for th e flowers, so they were very inexpensive. Cheyenne chose purple.

Bella chose blue.

Zach chose black and has requested that his not have a big pretty flower pinned on it. Unfortunately for him I was finally motivated to tackle the cleaning by the time I was done with the girl's cozies, so his will have to wait until tonight.

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