Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pillowcase Skirt Tutorial

Here are directions for making the pillowcase skirts I mentioned in an earlier post.

Step1- Take your child's waist measurement and waist to bottom-of-the-knee measurement. I'll use Bella's measurements as an example. She has a 21 inch waist and is 12 inches from waist to knee.

Step2- Measure the pillowcase from the opening up and cut, adding two inches to the waist-to-knew measurement, so 12+2=14 inches in my example.

Next, using the pillowcase opening as your ready-made hem, sew a casing for your elastic in the inside top of the skirt, leaving an opening to thread the elastic through. I use 1 inch no-roll elastic and find that a 1 3/4 inch casing works pretty well. I usually make the elastic the same length as the kid's waist, or just a little smaller.

Thread the elastic through the casing with a safety pin, sewing it first on one end, then the other. Then sew up the opening you used to thread the elastic.

That's it. The skirt is done!


  1. Thanks so much! These are just adorable. Now I'll be on the hunt for vintage pillowcases. Do you often find them for sale separately (without the sheet set)?

    Also, have you ever made pillowcase dresses? I've heard about those but haven't seen them.

    Thanks again!
    Jacinda (still using Dh's account)

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it.

    I do usually find them for sale separately from the sheets at thrift stores and garage sales. Around here they usually run anywhere from $.25-$.99 for a single pillow case or $1.99 for two.

    I have made pillowcase dresses in the past. They are really easy too and very cute.

    Here's a tutorial on those.