Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Colouring Book Holder

We have so many colouring books and notebooks that things tend to get a little messy in our dining room. I was leafing through Family Fun magazine and came across a picture of a magazine holder made from an old cereal box and decided it was just the ticket for solving my storage problem.

The directions are simple. Take a cereal box and cut it at an angle so that it looks like a magazine holder. In Family Fun, they left it like this, but I wanted to make it look a little more attractive.

I decided to decoupage. Decoupaging 3-D objects makes me nervous. I am living proof that the gift-wrapping gene is not standard-issue on the second x chromosome and this process is very similar. On the other hand, I was decoupaging paper I had gotten for free onto an old cereal box, so if it didn't work out I was out the maybe $.05 in Mod Podge it took me to coat the box.

I think it turned out nicely.


  1. I love how you reused the box! I saw a pencil bag at Target that was made from an old potato chip bag. Glad more people are upcycling!

  2. I love upcycling too. That potato chip bag pencil holder sounds neat!