Friday, August 28, 2009

The Gateway Trail

The Gateway Trail stretches 18 miles from Downtown St Paul to Stillwater, MN on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. For probably two years now Zach has been bugging me to take the kids the full 18 miles, but I've always declined. This past weekend we decided that even if we couldn't make the entire trip, we'd like to at least check out the trail. It is just beautiful, and much flatter than I had anticipated. Apparently it used to be a railway corridor.

Bella rode on the tag-along bike, Cheyenne rode her own bike and I walked and pushed James in the stroller since he is too little to ride in a bike trailer.

We packed some popcorn, raisins, pistachios and a gallon of water for snacks, which was a good thing because round-trip we made it 5 miles. That's not a ton by adult standards, but I was pretty pleased with the girls. We heard not one single "I'm tired" complaint the entire time. I think once James is old enough to ride in the bike trailer we may indeed be able to make it the entire 18 miles.

I'm enamored of the idea of non-motorized travel. When the kids are much older we'd like to take them all on a biking and camping trip from my mom's hometown on the Wisconsin side of the St Croix river all the way North to Superior Wisconsin. Eventually, when the kids have moved out Zach and I would like to follow in the footsteps of a friend of mine who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. You know, before we set off on that sailing tour we want to take. Yeah, I like to dream big.


  1. Biking is the best fun. I can't wait to take my boys on the Elroy Sparta trail in a few years!

  2. Five miles is an awful lots with kids in tow! Sounds like everyone had a great time!! I love the tag along bike. So cute!!!

  3. The tag-along bike was such a good purchase! Zach frequently takes the girls riding to places that are much further than they could ride alone.

    Green Girl, I looked up the Elroy Sparta trail and we may have to try that sometime. The tunnels look like so much fun!