Sunday, August 23, 2009

Green Hour- Park Exploration

As I expected we have been at our new park every day this past week. We've gotten to know a lot of the workers there from Michael and Paul, two very nice groundskeepers, to Christine, Janelle and Marilyn, the fabulous coffee shop staff and Rosemary, the information desk lady who turns out to be the mother of a friend of mine from high-school. They've come to expect us. Everyday the girls report to Rosemary and tell them whether they've been good or not and everyday we make a game of searching for Michael to say hello. Even if it just means waving to him from outside the maintenance shed.

We're there in rain

or shine

We've brought old friends (I'm still jealous of Julian's grandma-made schnitzel sandwich)

And made new ones

And explored both inside

and out

And it's only been a week! We've met a lady and her parrot, stopped and listened to musicians playing on the Great Lawn, chatted with neighbors over coffee and embroidery on the patio and seen all kinds of animals from turtles to bats. I can already tell that this park is going to be the source of many fond memories for my kids.


  1. What an amazing hang out! I love that you were there rain or shine, and the kids are making new friends!! So fabulous!!

  2. Yeah, I've decided I'm not letting the rain keep us indoors anymore unless there's lightning or heavy winds. The kids don't seem to be bothered by the rain.

    It has been so much fun!

  3. That is a fantastic "home away from home." What a gift to live near such friendly green space!

    I heart your little tea towel, too. I don't blame you one bit for keeping it for yourself.