Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gigantic Man-Eating Cinnamon Rolls

In an effort to resist the scrumptious organic caramel pecan brownies at the coffee shop at the park, I decided to whip us up a Saturday treat before we headed out for the day. I turned to my favourite source for all things bread related, The Fresh Loaf, for inspiration and was once again blown away. These lovely, gooey, enormous cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting were a hit, to say the least. Better than Cinnabon, I'm not kidding. They did the trick too. I wasn't even remotely tempted by the brownies. We followed this breakfast of champions up with two and a half hours of walking which might have burned off half of the calories we consumed at breakfast. It was worth it, though.


  1. OH MY GOSH Stella, your killing me. Those look soooo yummy. It's been ages since I have had a cinnamon roll and I have a fab. recipe for them.

  2. Damn you, woman!! Why? Why do you torture me so?? Oh, the humanity! ;-)

  3. I wish I could have given you all one. It probably would have saved me a pound or two in weight gain. :)