Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Fun

Yesterday we had a little Cinco de Mayo celebration. While learning about all cultures is important to us, the Mexican culture holds a special place in our family. Although we are just about as Northern European in ancestry as people come, many members of our surrogate family are either Mexican or of Mexican descent including the girls' godmother, the friend Cheyenne is named after and the best man at our wedding. Their Godmother's family is actually from Puebla, the site of the battle Cinco de Mayo remembers.

The girls wore the little Mexican dresses my mom brought them from San Diego a couple of weeks ago and we made a trip to the Mexican bakery nearby for a treat. Normally, we'd do something a little bigger, like hosting a party or visiting the festivities in St. Paul's District del Sol, but this just hasn't been the year for big blowout parties.

You'd think, as often as I've eaten Mexican pastries that I would know what they are actually called, but no. I have no idea. The girls got one of these pink rolls and Zach got a big round piece of fried bread covered with cinnamon sugar. I suppose I could have asked about the names, but I didn't think of it until after we had left. As I have gestational diabetes, I bowed out of the sweet-eating entirely. The girls had a good time. I'm thinking that we might reprise our study of Mexican culture in September for Mexican Independence day.

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