Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flower Pressing

Crabapple blossoms are among my favourite flowers. They are just so extravagant in their beauty with big, thick branches heavy with the weight of sweet smelling pink, red or white flowers. I've been waiting since March, when I bought Cheyenne her flower press, for the crabapple blossoms to be ready.

I found this adorable little flower press at a thrift store for $1.50, one of my best thrift store scores fo the year. I've been a fan of flower pressing ever since my parents bought me The Anne of Green Gables Treasury, a book of projects and recipes my favourite storybook heroine might have enjoyed when I was about 12. In past years I have pressed them between sheets of paper in heavy books, but I have always wanted a real flower press.

Cheyenne arranged the flowers delicately between the sheets of cardboard and Bell helped my screw the top down to "smash" the flowers. A week later we have nicely pressed flowers, ready to use for a craft project. The girls aunt and Godmother both have May birthdays and I think we are going to glue them onto a bookmark, laminate them and give them as birthday gifts.


  1. oh, your crabapple blossoms came out beautifully!:-)...

    bookmarks are a good way to use them:-)...

    are you going to pickle the crabapples in the fall?...


  2. I've never tried pickling crabapples before. That sounds like fun! Do you have a recipe you could share?