Friday, May 1, 2009

Mermaid Crown

I seem to have a knack for stumbling across exactly the right second-hand stuff at exactly the right time. OK, maybe the odds are increased by the amount of time I spend browsing thrift stores and yard sales, but some of these finds are pretty random.

No one on the face of the earth loves mermaids more than Cheyenne. She's obsessed. Almost every day she wants to dress up like a mermaid and play with her stable of mermaid dolls. So of course, for her birthday in March she requested a Purple Mermaid Party with Sparkles and Shells. Cheyenne may well grow up to be a party planner because at 5 years old she is ridiculously good at it. "OK, Mom, here's what I need from you; a purple cake with two layers like this one (she drags out a cookbook and shows me a picture) purple balloons and a mermaid crown. "

I'm not a big fan of licensed characters, and although I have relented some on Ariel for Cheyenne I really didn't like the flimsy look of the Ariel crown I saw at Target. I decided to check out Etsy, where I found several really beautiful crowns, but most of them were a little out of my price range. Finally I found it, sitting at the check out at Hidden Treasures for $.99.

As you can see it was a well-spent $.99. This little headband with shells and pearls gets a whole lot of use. I love finding simple things like this that add so much joy and imagination to our lives, and I especially love finding them for a buck.


  1. She's ADORABLE!!! And what a great find! I LOVE when stuff just falls into my lap like that!

  2. Thanks Christine! I love it when that happens too. It's surprising how often it works out like that.