Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bryn Dial

That's the name of our house, Bryn Dial. It's Welsh for Hill of the Leaves. I've always wanted to name my house. Particularly as this house has now been inhabited by three generations of my family, it feels right that it should have a name. Today, while brushing up on my Sesame Street Welsh using the BBC's Learn Welsh website I came across this house naming application. I plugged in a few facts about my house, like the fact that it's on a hill with a view of a pond and woods and it gave me a few suggestions. I liked Bryn Dial, firstly because I can actually pronounce it and secondly because it really fits. I'm thinking of making a plaque to hang in front of the house. Maybe try my hand at painting or wood burning. Maybe something like this.


  1. What a lovely name for a house with such rich history! I think a plaque is a fabulous idea! I've seen some that are painted on slate that look really nice, although I love the one you linked to as well.

  2. I like the slate idea! That would be pretty and it would fit nicely with the natural setting. Good idea!

  3. any house where fairies dwell deserves a name :)

    i'm so glad that i followed this link from the simple living message boards. you have a special gift for capturing and celebrating the small moments of life that give it meaning. thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, and stories.
    ~kasey (bubaloo13 on the message boards)

  4. Thank you Kasey! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. And I totally agree that a house where fairies live needs a name.