Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Date with Bella

Every now and then Zach and I like to each take a kid and have a special parent/child date with each of them. Yesterday I took Bella to the St Paul Farmer's Market. We wandered the aisles enjoying all the beautiful displays of flowers and vegetables, stopping occasionally so mommy could buy some lettuce or Bella could buy a honey stick with her Christmas money.

I don't have the energy to garden this year, but the girls have their heart set on a "marigold garden" like the one Ruby of Max and Ruby has. I decided that a few marigolds, and just for fun a few violets, wouldn't break the bank and would give them something they could care for over the summer. Bella picked out yellow marigolds for herself and orange marigolds for Cheyenne.

We enjoyed a hot toasted bagel and a lovely conversation with the woman sitting across from us at the community table and retired home for a farmer's market lunch of summer sausage on fresh baguette with farmer's market butter, cream line chocolate milk and sugar snap peas with homemade ranch dressing. It was a wonderful morning with my girl.

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