Saturday, June 20, 2009

Strawberry Pancakes

We have a family tradition of having a pancake breakfast the first Saturday after bringing home a new baby. Cheyenne was born in Maple season, so she got maple syrup pancakes. Bella was born in blueberry season, so she got blueberry pancakes. Well, James was born at the beginning of strawberry season, so naturally we had to have strawberry pancakes. We stopped at a strawberry farm on the way home from the hospital and picked up these beauties. We managed to keep from eating them all in a sitting, which is something of an accomplishment for the girls. OK, and for me. I admit it.

There is nothing like pancakes from scratch. I made a double batch, thinking there would be leftovers to freeze. I should have known better.
For an added touch of elegance I served them on my grandmother's cut glass luncheon set. Because, you know, newborn baby boys appreciate that kind of detail. :)


  1. Oh, yummmm! I am drooling over here! What a fabulous family tradition. I absolutely love it!

  2. Thanks! The pancakes were so good. I kid you not, I ate six of them. Nursing makes me hungry.