Monday, June 1, 2009

Fostering Independence- The Pickle Sandwich

As I made my sleepy way down the stairs this morning on my mission to somehow round myself up a cup of coffee, I was greeted by this sight.

"Whatcha doin' baby?"

"Making breakfast!"

"With mayonnaise and pickles?"

"Yes! It's a mayonnaise, pickles and polka dot cheese (Swiss) sandwich! It's my new favourite!"

A little put off by the sheer volume of mayonnaise and the thought of dill pickles for breakfast, I consider suggesting something a little more traditional, but the look on her face gives me pause. She is so proud of her new creation. I consider that my preconceived notions of what makes a tasty breakfast are essentially cultural and ultimately not important.

"Isn't it beautiful mom? It's going to be delicious!"

"Yes, honey, it's beautiful." And I mean it. These first steps towards independence are a beautiful thing.

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