Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Hour- Great American Backyard Campout

Yesterday was the National Wildlife Federation's Great American Backyard Campout. We started the event by spending some time with our friends the ducks at the pond in front of our house

followed by a dip in the pool

and hot dogs on the grill.

The whole family pulled together to set up the camp site. Cheyenne and Zach even put together our new outdoor table, which has been sitting in a box in the garage since April.

We played go fish and made popcorn on the camp stove.

We played with sparklers.

and ate s'mores, which Bella had renamed "choc-clouds"

During a brief rain shower we came inside and read The Boxcar Children, Surprise Island, a favourite of mine from childhood.

Then it was off to bed.

In the morning we made egg sandwiches on the camp stove. We grilled the bagels.

It was a blast! Next year I'm thinking of organizing a neighborhood campout with games, songs and plenty of food. There is a huge park across the street with 20 acres of oak forest for hiking, a lake for canoeing and a brand-new visitors center that is reopening in August. I wonder if they would be interested in participating?


  1. Oh, WOW!!! This looks like so much fun!! Love the campsite and outdoor table. Who knew you could have so much fun in your own backyard?? And I am loving the idea of organizing a neighborhood camp out... Fabulous!!

  2. I'm with Valerie - it looks like so much fun! Organizing a neighborhood campout is such a good idea. I wish more people got involved!

  3. Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun! I think we might do this more often. I have so many ideas for a neighborhood campout next year. I really hope I can get it together!

  4. What a fantastic day/night! Hot dogs and s'mores are some of my favorite foods--followed by a good read aloud and I think you've nailed the fun factor, lady!

  5. Hot dogs and s'mores are some of my favourites too. We actually ran out of graham crackers because after the kids went to bed I kept sneaking in "just one more."

  6. Hi Stephanie
    I work at NWF and came across your blog recently. Your photos and your family are beautiful--looks like a really fun event. This year was the 5th annual Great American Backyard Campout, and it is exciting you are already thinking of plans for next year's. Contact me if you need any help organizing!
    -Amanda Cooke, NWF

  7. Thanks Amanda! I will definitely contact you. I have high hopes for sharing this event with my community next year. It was so much fun!

  8. Awesome time! Next Year I am so doing this. Maybe this year I'll do it. We don't have a tent but we do have a gazebo or even better, a screened in porch off the house!

    Love the princess pic next to the water-Very medieval!

  9. You will have so much fun Christine! A gazebo would be a great place for a camp out.

    I love the princess pic too. She cracks me up. Of course she'd wear a princess dress camping. It's just so Cheyenne.