Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thoughts on Father's Day

I think my husband is an attractive man all the time, but moments like this absolutely melt my heart. Zach really is an amazing father. He was young when we had our first kid, just 21 years old and even then he was amazing. At a time when most young guys spend their boundless energy partying until dawn he spent his rocking babies to sleep and taking over midnight feedings. He worked 50 hour weeks and then came home and insisted that I rest.

Zach is a really fun dad. He's the kind of dad who pretends to be the Pirate King at the playground and has all the little pirates following him around battening down hatches and setting a course for the wild blue yonder. Neighbor kids wait outside with squirt guns ready to attack and have more than once been surprised that he was ready with a loaded squirt gun of his own. He takes the kids canoeing, fishing, swimming, sledding, skating and builds intricate snow forts and sand castles.

He's passionate about everything he does. Passionate about me, passionate about fatherhood, passionate about work and passionate about fun. He sets a good example for the kids, stopping the car to shovel a driveway for a little old lady or moving all of our neighbors furniture after a 12 hour workday because he found out the man had recently had a heart transplant.

The highest praise I can bestow upon my husband is that I hope that someday my daughters find a man like him and I hope that my son follows in his father's footsteps.


  1. So sweet! I know when my girls were born I fell in love with my hubby all over again too.... **sigh** Beautiful! Hurray for great dads!!

  2. Thanks! I hope your husband had a great Fathers Day! Good dads are such an amazing blessing to a kid. I know I still feel that way about my dad.

  3. Stella I thought he looked young in the picture and now that explains it! He sounds like an AWESOME Dad! Here's hoping he had an awesome father's day and that you all had a beautiful weekend.


  4. Yeah, Zach is 26 years old. He's kind of a throwback to a different era. Raised on a farm, married with three kids by 26, union tradesman...

    I hope you and your family had a good father's day too Tracy!