Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Few More Pictures

OK, just indulge me. I know by now you are probably sick of all my baby gushing, but Sweet Baby James finally made it home from the hospital yesterday and, well, I'm in the mood to gush. I also thought it would be nice to post some pictures where he doesnt, as my nephew put it, "look like a robot with all those wires and things."

Look at how absolutely tiny he is sitting in his infant car seat!

Even his preemie clothes are too big for him. Luckily it's going to be 90 degrees this week, so he won't need much in the way of clothing.

I"m guessing the odds that I'll ever get a picture of these three kids sitting still are slim to none. James can't even move much and I still couldn't get a single shot where someone wasn't moving.


  1. Gush all you want! He's beautiful!!! Post more pictures when you have some time so we can all gush some more!!!

  2. Thanks Christine! I am so in love I can't help but talk about him all the time. Luckily the girls feel the same way so there aren't jealousy problems.